Six Detroit doctors indicted in Opioid-Driven Healthcare Fraud

//Six Detroit doctors indicted in Opioid-Driven Healthcare Fraud

Six Detroit doctors indicted in Opioid-Driven Healthcare Fraud

As our nation is combatting the opioid epidemic, the news about health care fraud by six Detroit bases doctors accused of supplying 13 million+ doses of prescription opioids and committing $500 million in medical fraud in Macomb County was a shocker to many who follows the healthcare fraud.

OxyContin, Vicodin, hydrocodone and Percocet are the powerful pain reliever that a patient can become easily addicted to if not prescribed and supervised by the prescriber. The complaint alleges six doctors, all worked at Bothra’s clinics, The Pain Center USA in Warren and Eastpointe, and Interventional Pain Center in Warren are charged for medically unnecessary services and equipment. It also accuses the doctors of putting patients receiving prescription pain medications into unnecessary treatments, including injections.

According to the investigation, the conspiracy costs are
• Medicare more than $182.5 million
• Medicaid $272.6 million
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield $9.2 million

According to the NY Times, as part of the scheme, Dr. Bothra “sought to bill insurance companies for the maximum number of services and procedures possible with no regard to the patients’ needs,”

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